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Salus-Haus was originally founded in 1916 by Dr Otto Greither who studied human and veterinary medicine as well as dentistry at Munich University.

Dr Greither developed his own models of treatment based on natural herbal medicines and the company Salus-Haus became the production plant for his products over 85 years ago.

To this day, Salus remains a family run business and is now run by Dr Greither’s son, also named Otto. Carrying on the Salus philosophy Otto aims to promote vitality and healthy living in a world in which people and the environment are equal.

The company name, Salus, comes from a Latin word meaning, health, well-being and flourishing. Also derived from the Greek goddess, Hygiea (guardian of health) the name captures company intent and philosophy perfectly.

At Salus we have built up an excellent reputation as each year we provide more and more people worldwide with premium quality liquid suppliments, tablets, capsules and herbal teas.

Dr. Otto Greither
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Salus are manufacturers of health food or liquid supplements, mineral supplements, and organic herbal teas. Iron supplements, health food supplements and herbal tea products are available from Holland & Barrett, all good health food shops or directly from Salus UK. Salus manufacture well known herbal products including the award winning Floradix Liquid Iron Formula. With 90 years of experience in the health food industry we boast a wide range of liquid supplements, iron supplements, tablets, capsules and organic herbal teas.

Salus Uk are a liquid food supplements and herbal teas distributor supplying iron supplements, iron formula, multivitamins, Floravital and Floradix liquid iron, childrens vitamins, liquid calcium and magnesium. Floradix liquid iron has the same ingredients as Floravital, however floravital is gluten and yeast free. Kindervital are a range of childrens vitamins and liquid multivitamins for strong bones and teeth. Saludynam contains liquid magnesium, calcium, vitamin D and zinc.

Our health and liquid food supplement products include Liquid magnesium, iron formula, Epresat, liquid calcium, multivitamins, childrens vitamins, iron pregnancy supplements, Floradix, Kindervital, Saludynam, Intestcare, Momordica and herbal teas.