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The following quality controls apply during the manufacture of our natural health care products:

All raw herbs are tested for identity and purity in our ultra modern laboratories.
The acceptance or rejection of raw herbs is subject to stringent laboratory analysis.
Progress to each stage of production is also dependent on the achievement of required Salus standards as determined by laboratory results.
The Quality Good Manufacturing process ensures that production is of a pharmaceutical standard.
Strict quality controls are supported by detailed documentation at all stages of production.

The result of our painstaking preparations and concern for detail is a range of liquid supplements, tablets and herbal teas that we can be proud of. People have trusted the Salus tradition for over 85 years so remember the Salus name when only the best will do!

Salus Laboratory
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Salus are manufacturers of health food or liquid supplements, mineral supplements, and organic herbal teas. Iron supplements, health food supplements and herbal tea products are available from Holland & Barrett, all good health food shops or directly from Salus UK. Salus manufacture well known herbal products including the award winning Floradix Liquid Iron Formula. With 90 years of experience in the health food industry we boast a wide range of liquid supplements, iron supplements, tablets, capsules and organic herbal teas.

Salus Uk are a liquid food supplements and herbal teas distributor supplying iron supplements, iron formula, multivitamins, Floravital and Floradix liquid iron, childrens vitamins, liquid calcium and magnesium. Floradix liquid iron has the same ingredients as Floravital, however floravital is gluten and yeast free. Kindervital are a range of childrens vitamins and liquid multivitamins for strong bones and teeth. Saludynam contains liquid magnesium, calcium, vitamin D and zinc.

Our health and liquid food supplement products include Liquid magnesium, iron formula, Epresat, liquid calcium, multivitamins, childrens vitamins, iron pregnancy supplements, Floradix, Kindervital, Saludynam, Intestcare, Momordica and herbal teas.