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Former ITU World Champion Tri-athlete, Nick Dunn, is an avid fan of the Floradix range of liquid supplements after discovering them in a local health food store.

Nick is a successful tri-athlete and holds a number of titles including; the 2009 ITU Age Group World Champion, the 2009 British Triathlon Male Age Group Tri-athlete of the Year and the Triathlon 220 Age Group Tri-athlete of the year 2010. He is also European age group silver medalist and hopes to go one better in 2011.

Nick has been feeling the benefit of our products in his training and recovery and now his daily supplement programme includes; Floradix Liquid Iron, Floradix Magnesium and Epresat Multivitamin. Along with his training, Nick also runs a fitness company which offers triathlon/fitness holidays (www.tricampmallorca.com) as well as personal training, sports massage therapy and nutritional advice to individuals and organisations dedicated to improving their personal health and staff welfare.

"Obviously diet is important and what I eat is a key element of my training programme however my busy schedule and punishing training regime does mean that some days my calorie and nutrient intake is not as it should be – which is when supplements can help.

Certain minerals, such as magnesium and iron can be lost through sweating, which I do a lot when training, so I do like to replenish the levels in my body.

The reason that I really like the Floradix range of supplements is because they are in a liquid form - the ingredients are already dissolved meaning they are highly absorbable. Plus they actually taste really great too and are easy to take. I now recommend Floradix liquid supplements to my clients."


Floradix - the number 1 choice for celebrity mums!

Denise Lewis has revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail her health and beauty secrets. Her choice of supplements is our very own Floradix Liquid Iron - which she takes as it is easier to digest than tablets. Read the article here;-


Bavarian Order of Merit for Salus Company Owner Otto Greither

In an awards ceremony in the Residence Palace in Munich, the Bavarian Governor awarded Mr. Greither with the Order of Merit of the State of Bavaria.The 83 year old Mr. Greither is the moving spirit and soul of the Salus companygroup.

The reasons for this honourable decoration are not only to be found in his efficiency and success, but also in his ecological profile and social engagement within the company and the community of Bruckmuehl. And it is also the social responsibility focussing above all on sustainability Mr. Greither exemplifies, which is honoured.

Floradix - A winning formula!

To be a world champion takes determination, dedication and bags of energy, something which Magdalena Neuner has in abundance. Three times world champion in the biathlon, words such as tiredness don’t seem to exist in her vocabulary. So how does she find the energy to compete in such a gruelling event year after year?

“My diet is extremely important as I have to ensure that my body is getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals it needs. I have made Floradix a part of my diet as it provides me with iron, which gives me the energy I need to compete.”

Magdalena competing in this years Biathlon championship in Italy.

Salus wins prestigious environmental management award!

As a responsible herbal manufacturer Salus has a global policy of environmental consciousness. In recognition of the environmental management systems that we operate, we were awarded with a Certificate & Statement of Participation from the European Community Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, which recognises organisations that demonstrably take their environmental responsibilities seriously.

The award also confirms Salus’s status as a manufacturer who has reached the quality levels demanded by the European quality standard ISO 14001.


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