Salus Reviews

Customer service is an essential part of our operation at Salus and with the support we have from our scientific department, customers can rely on our dedication to consumer satisfaction at all times.

We value the importance of customer comments as they allow us to recognise our strengths and to also identify in which areas of the business we can improve. Due to our ongoing commitment to good service, more and more people are choosing Salus products.

Here are just a few examples of the comments that we have received from our customers:

Alison Evans, Wales - “After the birth of my first child I had to take additional iron which was prescribed by the doctor. It was horrible and caused some constipation problems.
After the birth of my second child (another caesarean) I had the same problem. However, this time I was recommended Floradix by the midwife. I was totally sceptical but I gave it a try.
I was amazed by the difference it made to me. I felt great, my skin looked great and I had loads of energy. I felt alive and refreshed. Since then I have been a regular user of Salus products. “

Mrs Robinson, Surrey – “I have always had trouble taking tablets so I was delighted to discover a liquid alternative in the Salus range.”

Mrs Quinn, Dorset – “I have now been enjoying Floradix for almost 20 years.”

Miss Lawson, Durham – “Floravital suits me as I have an intolerance to yeast but I wanted to take an iron supplement to safeguard my iron intake.”

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